Civil Engineer Project Manager (PE)

An employee in this position primarily performs technical engineering work.  Responsibilities include using technical knowledge to apply industry-recognized standards as they relate to highway and/or bridge project development efforts. Employee will utilize technical, analytical, and communication skills to develop roadway and bridge plans, affiliated design documents and reports, PS&E documents, and provide support to the lead design engineer.  Employee will also apply these skills as they relate to construction engineering, maintaining construction contract documents and accounting, field computations, and support to the Project Construction Leader.

An employee in this position typically requires at minimum a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering or Engineering-related field.  Employee is expected to pursue professional licensure if possible and continue his or her education with industry- and career-related training.

JT Engineering, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

  • Perform technical engineering duties as they relate to a highway or bridge project development effort as part of an engineering team
  • Use recognized standards to develop geometric and cross section elements as they relate to highway design
  • Analyze and compile data to produce design documents and reports
  • Contribute to the development of project plans, specifications, and elements of a PS&E package
  • Maintain FieldManager records including Engineer’s Daily Diary, Item Record Accounts, Estimates, working day reports, and other necessary project records and documentation.
  • Perform construction inspection, quantity measurement and computation, materials documentation and review, and composition of Inspector Daily Reports.
  • Apply recognized standards, engineering knowledge, and sound judgment to solve technical problems in construction.
  • Develop thorough comprehension of highway plans and specifications and learn to identify inconsistencies or potential errors in the highway plan.
  • Assist in development of Contract Modifications and affiliated contract price negotiations.
  • Review contractor submittals and work proposals and verify compliance to project plan and specifications.  Provide feedback when necessary.
  • Contribute to the development of Notice of Interests (NOIs), consultant solicitations, project interviews, and affiliated presentations when necessary.

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Position: Civil Engineer Project Manager (PE)

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Employment Type
Full Time
Job Location
Wisconsin Northwest Region
Civil Engineering
Date posted
May 23, 2018
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