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JT Engineering acknowledges the need for IT in business. Finding a good systems engineer to support it is the hard part. Let our experienced staff of over 20 years take care of that headache by providing you with a high level engineer you can trust.


We can provide the best network infrastructure for your company. We have vast experience in Cisco, HP and Juniper switching. Cisco and Fortinet firewalls, and years of designing and implementing data closets for new or remodeling construction projects.


Whether you have 1 server or 100 virtualized servers, we have knowledge and experience with Windows 2008, 2012 and 2016 OS platforms. If your server is virtualized, our engineers have years of experience working on or installing VMware and Microsoft’s Hyper-V hypervisors.


We have the personnel that can work on your current phone system or help design and implement a new phone system that can fit your company’s size, needs and budget.


Companies will purchase new software to use, but have no idea on the technical aspects of what is required to run it efficiently. Let us help you run the project and determine what is needed and implement the project on time and budget. No matter what the software or hardware you want, we can simplify the process by taking care of the technical side for you.

Cutting the cord?

I was a DirecTv client for close to three years. During that time, I was paying close to $200/mo for service. I was their perfect client. I would forget to cancel HBO or Showtime after the “free months” expired. I was the one who got a NFL Sunday Ticket service and didn’t know you still had to pay for it after the season was over. They had my card on file so I was just

  • NATE LAHM IT Services Manager

    Veteran IT consultant has been in the IT world for 20+ years supporting complex networks and server farms while providing the best customer service for his clients.

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