JT Engineering is a civil-engineering based Disadvantaged Business Enterprise consulting firm, established in 2005. We are licensed in IL, WI and TX with offices in Mequon, Madison and Green Bay (Hobart), WI. JT Engineering provides high-quality services and low-cost solutions.  We take our client’s vision and make it reality.  JT takes great pride in the relationship we build with our clients, and make sure we understand and focus on their needs.  Our company specializes in design, construction, surveying, roundabouts, constructability reviews, IT consulting, and program management services at the local, state, and federal levels.


Our Design Project Managers have experience in all aspects of roadway design, ranging from rural resurfacing projects to complex freeway reconstruction.  They understand the intricacies needed to put together a quality plan.


Our Construction Managers have overseen numerous complex construction projects and have expertise in both roadways and a variety of structures.


Our Constructability Review Engineers have reviewed plans for some of the largest,  most complex projects in the state of Wisconsin.


Our Registered Land Surveyor that has over 35 years in the industry. We can handle all your survey needs and assure correct and reliable information.


JT’s Roundabout team consists of two Wisconsin Qualified Roundabout Designers, a level 1 and a level 3.  Our team has experience in designing roundabouts in over 14 states.


JT has an IT Service Manager with over 20 years of experience supporting complex networks and server farms. We now have the ability to help small or medium sized businesses with any issues or questions related to “IT”.


JT has been successfully overseeing and managing federal and state programs and projects as a master consultant with WisDOT for over 11 years.  Our team will build a long-lasting relationship that will deliver client’s projects on time and within budget.

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