Program Controls

JT Engineering partnered with WisDOT and held important roles for the I 41 Mega Design and Construction Program Controls Team,  to  deliver a successful, quality product.  The roles undertaken by JT staff on this team were Program Controls Administrator Assistant, Program Cost Data Entry Specialist, Project Controls Oversight Position, and Project Controls Specialist.  JT staff assisted filing and tracking the numerous day-to-day documents in a mainstream process that allowed for a tracking system that was organized and efficient.  JT Engineering met the Department’s needs and deadlines, and helped deliver this Mega project to Northeast Wisconsin.

Our staff held multiple roles throughout the project.  Those roles consisted of;

  • Finalized the construction management contract manager user guide
  • Updated Standard Operating Procedures
  • The project closeout process was created and implemented for project controls construction
  • JT staff assisted with communication between WisDOT management and contractor teams documentation confidential leadership/partnering meetings
  • We also provided technical assistance for Outlook, Word and FTP site information
  • Set up audio & visual and teleconference, Smartboard set up and projectors
  • Created monthly and quarterly executive summary
  • Pre-Bid and Pre-Construction meeting coordination and set up
  • Access Database input of information and reports
  • Entry of cost data and end of month cost reconciliation
  • Maintained I-41 Financial Cost data files
  • Coordinated DIN and RFI processing
  • Assisted Project Construction Leaders with multiple daily project controls tasks


I 41 Mega Project Program Controls


Brown and Winnebago

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