JT Engineering was the prime consultant for the design of the Freedom Wetland Mitigation project. The project was needed to mitigate wetland impacts resulting from the I 41 expansion in Brown County. During the design of this project extensive coordination was done with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Army Corps of Engineers to meet the needs of all agencies. The project created 66.08 acres of wetlands including: 57.55 acres of wet meadow and 8.53 acres of shallow marsh.

The project disabled the existing drainage features originally installed for agricultural purposes, removed existing locations of relatively higher elevations, and constructed berms that will retain surface water on-site. Freedom Wetland Mitigation Site provides a self-sustaining wetland site that blends well with the surrounding area and provides wildlife habitat, and requires minimal human intervention for maintenance.


Freedom Wetland Mitigation Project



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