Roundabout Design

This project will dramatically modify the junctions of STH 19, STH 113, and CTH I just east of Waunakee in Dane County, WI.  Whereas the existing intersections are broken into 3 distinct crossing points, the project will consolidate all approaches into a single intersection with a multi-lane roundabout.

JT has been directly mentoring a design engineer out of the WisDOT SW Region on all facets of quality roundabout development.  JT’s mentoring efforts have included leading the project team through the operational analysis of the intersection using SIDRA and instilling the principles of speed control, Case 3 truck accommodations, and intersection sight preservation.  JT also worked directly with the designer on effective Civil 3D practices relating to roundabouts and supported development of the roundabout’s surface models.  With a history of OSOW traffic and many nearby truck traffic generators, the developed model has also been rigorously tested against the DST Lowboy design vehicle in AutoTurn Pro to ensure vertical compliance.  JT also played an active role in the public involvement campaign for this project, effectively working with stakeholders to build consensus on the merits of the multilane roundabout design.



STH 19/STH 113/CTH I Intersection



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