JT Engineering is a civil-engineering based Disadvantaged Business Enterprise consulting firm. Founded in 2005, we have grown to over 60 employees with office locations in Green Bay, Madison, Chippewa Falls and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We provide a tailored approach for each project, proactively engaging and communicating with our clients to ensure efficient and cost-effective service. Our portfolio includes projects at every scale from small bridge rehabilitation projects to mega interstate highway expansion projects. Our design and construction professionals work closely together, utilizing our combined experience, knowledge and expertise to deliver award-winning, economical designs that exceed our clients’ expectations.


Our Design Project Managers offer a broad range of roadway design services. Our staff has successfully delivered projects on facilities ranging from two-lane undivided to multi-lane facilities in both urban and rural settings.

Our team’s approach to project delivery involves close communication and focuses on delivering concepts rooted in sound engineering judgment. Our process includes multiple internal reviews to provide our clients high quality deliverables, eliminating their need to allocate time to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the submittals.


Our team is available to meet your construction engineering needs. Our team is experienced in all aspects of construction engineering, including project management, inspection, materials testing, and dispute resolution. In addition to traditional project managers and inspectors, JT has experts in structure construction, traffic control, work site safety, electrical installations, and geotechnical engineering. One of our staff engineers, Justin Thomas, is also a certified Protective Coatings Inspector (PCI) Level 1.

During construction, JT staff will be available to inspect the construction operations, ensuring that all work is completed as directed in the plans and specifications, to sample construction materials to confirm that only acceptable materials are used in construction, and to complete nuclear density testing of hot mix asphalt pavement to ensure you are getting a quality, long lasting product. Survey staff are also be available to spot check grades, perform construction staking as needed, and confirm project control. Staff will also be available for review of contractor submitted permits or plans (such as an erosion control implementation plan), monitor the project schedule and costs, and prepare construction estimates for payment.


JT provides extensive experience with transportation design project oversight and reviews to our clients. Most notably, we utilize our robust construction background to complete constructability reviews for internal QC purposes.

Our team is extremely proficient at identifying potential issues with designs and noting potential solutions. JT staff have been selected to complete constructability reviews on some of WisDOT’s biggest projects due to the feedback and results we have previously provided. The comments our team provides have been invaluable to our clients, as numerous issues were alleviated during the design phase and prior to construction. For all of JT’s design work, our team’s constructability reviews identify constructability issues, minimize contract change orders, and reduce the risk to the client during the construction of projects.


JT’s survey and right-of-way staff have the experience to handle all our clients’ needs, and understands the importance of a sound survey. Our survey department’s expertise in a wide range of field work provides a high level of efficiency for every project. Our surveyors use cutting-edge equipment, which when combined with their knowledge and experience provide a quality product for our clients. They understand that a quality survey is the foundation for an outstanding design, and take great pride in providing that service to our client and our own design teams. Our right-of-way staff has over 30 years’ experience in the field and can handle any right-of-way needs that occur for our clients.


Roundabouts are only one component of the intersection selection toolbox, and are not always the best solution. We advocate for creating a clear and transparent trail to a selection of the preferred alternative for agencies and stakeholders. This documentation helps agencies justify projects to legislative committees, stakeholders and the public.

We have completed roundabout feasibility studies and formalized Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) reports to validate the preferred alternatives. This type of analysis can assure an agency that they are implementing a cost-effective solution that can improve safety and capacity while meeting stake-holder needs.

Beyond horizontal geometrics and analytics, we are particularly well-versed on modern vertical design and roundabout modeling techniques. Designing roundabouts vertically with a surface-based approach provides visual and analytical assurances that proper drainage, roadway consistency, and model accuracy are incorporated as a direct result of the modeling effort. With the prevailing focus on OSOW accommodations and the additional tools available to assess the design’s compliance with these vehicles vertically, providing properly modeled roundabouts has never been more important when delivering projects.

JT is always looking at ways to be innovative and our staff has helped pioneer rural compact roundabouts. A rural compact roundabout uses many of the modern roundabout principles, mainly proper approach treatments, but reduces the overall footprint by reducing the Inscribed Circle Diameter (ICD) and making the central island fully traversable. This type of design provides many of the same benefits of a roundabout, but it can significantly reduce construction costs if implemented properly at appropriate locations.


JT Engineering served as the Northeast Region’s Local Program Management Consultant for the past 12 years. In this role, our staff have been responsible for all aspects of the design and construction of local program projects in the Northeast Region, including: program management, project budgeting and scheduling, environmental coordination and approvals, review and approval of project plans and documentation, local community coordination, and reviews to assure compliance with state and federal standards.

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