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Congratulations to Adam Ericksen on 5 Years at JT!

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"I've had an outstanding time over my 5 years at JT... We have a great time with each other and work extremely hard to complete projects."

We are excited to congratulate Adam Ericksen on his 5th anniversary with JT! Adam is our Northwest Region Construction Manager in our Eau Claire area office and has played an integral part in delivering excellent construction projects.

Adam has proven himself to be a sought-after Project Leader in the NW Region and has excelled in his manager role at JT. He consistently gains a strong rapport with clients, contractors, and JT staff.  Adam is extremely approachable, and he takes the time to engage and mentor staff.

Outside of work, Adam enjoys hunting, ATV trail riding, and being a superfan for his kids sports of hockey, baseball, and softball.

Cheers to Adam for the contributions he’s provided to JT in the last 5 years, we’re excited to see what’s next!

Watch this video to see what Adam had to say about his time with JT so far.

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