Construction Services

JT provides extensive experience with transportation design project oversight and reviews to our clients. Most notably, we utilize our robust construction background to complete constructability reviews for internal QC purposes.

Our team is extremely proficient at identifying potential issues with designs and noting potential solutions. JT staff have been selected to complete constructability reviews on some of WisDOT’s biggest projects due to the feedback and results we have previously provided. Our team’s constructability reviews alleviate numerous issues during the design phase by identifying constructability issues, minimizing contract change orders, and reducing the risk to the client during the construction of projects. Our team is available to meet your construction engineering needs.

Our team is experienced in all aspects of construction engineering, including project management, inspection, materials testing, and dispute resolution. In addition to traditional project managers and inspectors, JT has experts in structure construction, traffic control, worksite safety, electrical installations, and geotechnical engineering.

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