Proven Results

JT completed the design, coordination, and construction assistance for the replacement of a single span flat slab bridge with a precast, prefabricated concrete arch bridge. Although the bridge was eligible for state funding for replacement, severe deterioration had resulted in a restrictive load posting that could no longer support adjacent farming operations and required immediate replacement.

The design process included analysis of several alternatives, including structural plate arch, precast concrete and aluminum structures. Each alternative was reviewed with impacts to the adjacent property owners, approach reconstruction limits, environmental impacts, construction costs, and ease of construction considered before selecting the final structure type. The entire project, including design and construction, was completed in less than 9 months, with the road closed for approximately four weeks.

JT completed the entire design, environmental permitting, utility coordination, construction staking, assisted with the coordination of the precast structure vendor (Contech) and crane rental, assisted with the construction operations in the field.

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