Proven Results

The project team worked within challenging space constraints and an aggressive timeline to design a new roundabout for the Main Avenue – Lawrence Drive intersection, successfully delivering a solution that greatly improved public safety, reduced traffic congestion, and balanced the needs of the client, WisDOT, and stakeholders while remaining on time and under budget.

Before its redevelopment, the Main Avenue – Lawrence Drive intersection became heavily congested during peak use, regularly causing traffic to back up into a nearby roundabout and creating hazardous conditions. Although there were concerns about placing a new roundabout so close to an existing one, we were able to design a safer, more efficient intersection.

JT’s engineers rose to the challenge of the site’s physical constraints, working in partnership with the City of De Pere and WisDOT to minimize impacts and make improvements to the popular adjacent Park & Ride lot and facilitate access to an adjacent parcel of land for new commercial development.

Proactive coordination with utilities prompted changes to the initial project footprint, avoiding potentially costly utility impacts. JT also worked closely with businesses and other project stakeholders to minimize disturbances.

We took the time to carefully integrate the new roundabout’s aesthetics and feel with the rest of the corridor, creating a cohesive and unified experience. The result is a safer corridor with fewer traffic delays, an improved Park & Ride lot, and new commercial development opportunities, all accomplished within a tight timeline and under the estimated project budget.

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