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JT Cuts Ribbon for STH 15 Reopening

Man in construction vest cuts ceremonial ribbon on highway
JT's Ben Thompson led the reconstruction of the State Highway 15 expansion project in Outagamie County. This 2-year project turned the previously fatal highway into a safer, modernized roadway.

JT is proud to have been a part of the modernization of State Highway 15 in Outagamie County, with Northeast Region Construction Manager Ben Thompson being the Project Construction Leader. 

The previous roadway, spanning 3.5 miles from Greenville to New London, had a tragic history of accidents, claiming 15 lives in just 7 years. The highway was so dangerous due to its limited carrying capacity and sharp-angled intersection points. 

Ben was responsible for leading his JT crew to oversee the $20.5 million construction project. In 2 years, the roadway was expanded from 2 lanes to 4, multiple intersections were replaced with roundabouts, and other dangerous crossing points were eliminated. Other improvement items on this roadway included box culverts, concrete pavement, traffic signals, and street lighting.  

Newly constructed higwhay
Aerial view of the new STH 15, featuring the expanded roadway, new signs, and a new roundabout

Here’s what Ben had to say about the STH 15 completion: “For the past two years, I’ve been working on a portion of the STH 15 expansion project… Poor soils, complex staging, numerous utility conflicts, and massive amounts of public coordination made this an extremely challenging project. I want to thank all of the JT construction staff who worked on this project for helping make this a successful delivery for WisDOT.” 

Congrats to Ben and all who were involved in this incredible project! Check out the photos below to see some of the hard work Ben and his crew did!

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