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JT’s Inaugural Intern Rodeo

JT employees stand outside with American flag and cowboy apparel
We recently brought all our interns together for a memorable day filled with learning, field visits, laughs, and fun!

Our group of 14 interns, spread across our four offices, had the opportunity to come together to learn more about the civil engineering industry at JT and the different projects we are working on. They also went on field visits to see various construction sites in action.

The day started with a welcome from President Doug Sina, who gave the interns an overview of our role in our local communities and the future of JT. Our directors had the opportunity to speak to the interns regarding their specific service lines, allowing the interns to have a better understanding of the many services JT has to offer. They also had a chance to ask questions and get advice from the engineers.

In the afternoon, the interns went on field visits to construction sites. They got to see firsthand the variety of construction projects JT is involved in, like roundabout construction, bridge reconstruction, and site development. They had the opportunity to ask questions to the engineers to learn about their specific project roles.

The interns had a lot of fun and enjoyed learning about the industry, meeting the engineers, and going on field visits. Serving our class of 2023 summer interns has been an honor, and we’re excited to fuel their passion for civil engineering. The future is bright, and we can’t wait to see where this growing internship program takes the next generation of engineers.

If you’re a civil engineering student, consider an internship at JT Engineering. You’ll be able to learn from experienced engineers, gain hands-on experience, and make a difference in the community. You will also have a lot of fun!

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