County O, County II to Green bay Road

Winnebago County


Infrastructure Revamp

The County O project paved the way for advanced infrastructure improvements and efficient water drainage systems.
The Opportunity

The County O project opened doors to substantial enhancements, with the task of converting portions of this 1.3-mile stretch of rural roadway into an urban section. The scope of this transformation was broad, encompassing the addition of a curb and gutter, the implementation of a storm sewer, the reconstruction of the rural roadway, a small section of urban mill and overlay, and finally, the replacement of a reinforced concrete box culvert.

The area, however, bore its own set of unique challenges. Its historically underperforming drainage system led to widespread ponding and flattening of ditch sections throughout the project, underlining the urgent need for a comprehensive overhaul of the drainage system.

The Outcome

In response to the historical drainage issues plaguing the project area, JT proactively collaborated with a local municipality to refine the drainage improvements. The results were integrated into a broader area storm water improvement plan, dramatically enhancing the local infrastructure.

The original project limits were extended to accommodate the design of a pavement replacement section between I-41 and Green Bay Road in the City of Neenah. This strategic decision considerably expanded the scope and positive impact of the project.

JT managed the challenges of storm sewer construction, which required extensive utility coordination and rock excavation. Despite the complexity of these tasks, JT adhered strictly to the original project schedule, even completing right of way plat a year before the utility relocations were needed. This foresight allowed Winnebago County to acquire the right of way well in advance of the project’s construction.

Preemptive Traffic Management
Coordination With Nearby Industrial Properties

Extensive coordination of the construction traffic control was completed prior to the project to coordinate the construction needs with the adjacent industrial properties.

Project Construction
Winnebago County Taps JT for Oversight and Staking

Upon completing the design, Winnebago County entrusted JT with the construction oversight and staking of the project, a testament to JT’s expertise and successful execution of the project’s demanding tasks.

Christina Wocinte

JT’s engineers rose to the challenge of the site’s physical constraints, working in partnership with the City of De Pere and WisDOT to minimize impacts and make improvements to the popular adjacent Park & Ride lot and facilitate access to an adjacent parcel of land for new commercial development.