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View all current updates for Lineville construction. Any attached documents can be viewed in the Weekly Newsletters or the Public Involvement Resources. 

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Brown County Highway Department
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Michels Road & Stone
November 2025
Eric Adamski, PE

Public Involvement Resources

Public Involvement Meetings are being held throughout the duration of the project. Use the PDF links to see information and updates from these meetings. 

Roadway Improvements

Various lane configurations will be used to improve Lineville Road. Additionally, roundabouts will replace previous intersections. Use the PDF links to see what improvements are planned throughout the project.

Staging & Traffic

Lineville construction will take place in two stages, spanning from July 2023 to November 2025. Use the PDF links to find more details about the traffic patterns and detours for each stage.

Lineville Construction

Lineville Road is a vital road in the Howard and Suamico communities, connecting businesses and schools with the communities around them.

The Mission

Lineville Road serves as a gateway for many communities and businesses and has experienced substantial growth in usage. The road’s increased traffic volumes, congestion, and prolonged delays have resulted in a negative transportation experience and raised safety concerns. Addressing these issues is necessary to keep Lineville Road as the essential passage it is now.

Some of the planned enhancements for Lineville Road include roundabout improvements, pedestrian accommodations, and enhanced drainage. The development will ensure continuous access to all properties during construction. These improvements will prepare Lineville Road to manage economic and developmental growth over the next 25 years.

Diagonal road before Lineville Construction
Road goes diagonally into the sunset

The Results

After the proposed improvements are completed, congestion will be reduced, safety concerns will be addressed, and drainage will be improved. Lineville Road will be expanded to 2 lanes in each direction, intersections will have various improvements, and pedestrian and bicycle accommodations will be added. All roadway users will have an improved transportation experienced with minimal impacts to property.

Road goes diagonally into the sunset