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Roundabouts: Our Journey of Expertise and Success

Wisconsin Roundabouts

JT is excited to showcase several recently completed roundabouts. In the past two years, we have led or assisted in the design of eight roundabouts across Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Texas that have completed construction. Last year alone, our construction team built four new roundabouts and rehabilitated another. This significant number of projects highlights the ongoing growth and success of our Traffic and Roundabout Service line, expertly led by Jed Munroe.

Throughout our 19 years of service, JT’s roundabout team has been involved in over 200 roundabouts across 15 states. Our team creates efficient traffic control systems, improving overall safety and functionality. Additionally, JT stands out as one of the few firms with three WisDOT Qualified Roundabout Designers and a construction oversight crew with experience managing several roundabouts. Our trusted solutions reinforce the vital elements of analysis and collaboration to provide top-notch roundabout services- in design and construction.

JT is always looking for new talent to add to our team. If you’re interested in joining our expert Roundabout & Traffic team, contact us and start the conversation today.

Our blend of experience and innovation can be seen in our roundabout projects shown below. Click on a project to learn more about it!

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