Traffic & Roundabout Engineering

Safety, efficiency, innovation

Our traffic and roundabout engineering planning and design services deliver solutions to meet clients' unique requirements across both public and private sectors.

Our team works hard to identify future roadway needs, address existing inefficiencies, and carefully assess potential development impacts. Through comprehensive Intersection Control Evaluations and Traffic Impact Analyses, we recommend thoughtful improvements that enhance overall safety and functionality.

With extensive experience in traffic signal design, we create responsive and efficient traffic control systems specifically tailored to your project requirements. JT’s seasoned engineers analyze crash data with precision, pinpoint critical deficiencies in network infrastructure, and propose engineering solutions that adhere to safety standards.

In our quest to find the best traffic flow and safety solutions, we skillfully integrate roundabout engineering into our services. JT stands out as one of the few firms with three designers recognized on WisDOT’s Qualified Roundabout Designer list.

Whether your project calls for a single-lane roundabout or a multi-lane configuration, our expert team is up to the task. With an eye on providing the most suitable solutions, we follow a transparent selection process, considering roundabouts alongside other traffic improvement options.

Our approach to lighting design is comprehensive, encompassing street lighting, photometrics, and site lighting. Actively collaborating with utility companies and local authorities, we coordinate optimal lighting solutions that align with your needs.

With a blend of expertise and innovative thinking, we deliver customized, efficient, and safe engineering solutions. Trust in our balanced and responsive approach to meet your unique requirements, reinforcing the vital elements of design, analysis, and collaboration for top-notch service.

Career Opportunities

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Traffic & Roundabout Engineering


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Intersection & Corridor Analysis
Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE)
Safety & Speed Studies
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Traffic Forecasting, Modeling & Analysis
Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)
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