Site & Land Development

Our team includes engineers and designers who specialize in all aspects of site development and redevelopment. JT provides efficient, cost-effective site planning and engineering services to meet our client’s goals. JT’s civil design staff work closely with our clients to ensure proper site layout, safe access to and circulation through the property, and proper stormwater management so drainage is adequate throughout the site.

Our staff has the experience to handle civil site projects of every size, ranging from small commercial parking lots to large commercial redistribution centers, multiple parking lots, stormwater detention and retention pond grading, and entrance intersection designs. We are experienced in the permitting requirements at the local, county and state levels and work closely with all agencies from day one to avoid regulatory slowdowns and receive timely approvals.

Whether it’s civil site engineering for building facilities, parking lots, potable water main systems, sanitary sewer systems, site grading, or stormwater management systems, JT Engineering has the staff and expertise to meet your objectives.

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